The Small Business Authority

Brenda spent four and a half years as the lead web producer and multimedia designer for Newtek Business Services - "The Small Business Authority" headquartered in New York City.

Brenda convinced upper management to replace their brochure style website with a content rich, lead generation and resource site for busines owners. "The Small Business Authority's" new site has increased leads by 65%

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business portal

Alliance Partner Business Referral Portal

While working for Newtek Business Services, Brenda managed their "alliliate program" with 500+ credit unions, banks and brokers. Brenda managed all the affiliate pages, aka "web portals" using a custom built PHP CMS (content management system). Brenda designed the HTML/CSS template themes using tokens to bring in various data fields for content and images. Brenda worked directly with affiliates to create soft transitions from their website to the co-branded portal.

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Life 1 Medical Alarm

Life 1 Medical Alarm

Life 1 Medical Alarm is a personal heatlh alarm system company located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Life 1 Medical Alarm needed a website redesign that was SEO friendly and enhanced their brand image. Brenda used the WordPress CMS and trained the client how to update the site copy, photos and add posts.

Smart-Wellness - Trisha Howell

Smart Wellness

Trisha Howell, a nutritionist based in Jacksonville, Florida, started a fitness business caled Smart Wellness. Smart-Wellness needed a website that was SEO friendly and established their brand image. Brenda used the WordPress CMS and trained the client how to update the site copy, photos, add posts and modify widgets.

Todd Kortte - Actor and Model

Todd Kortte

Todd Kortte is a professional actor in LA that needed a website that was SEO friendly and showed off his portfolio of modeling and commercial work. Brenda used the WordPress CMS and trained the client how to update the site copy, photos, add posts and modify widgets.

Cherie Brennan Music

Cherie Brennan

Cherie Brennan is a professional singer and song writter that needed a website that was SEO friendly to promote her albums and singles. Brenda created a PHP splash page to promote her new CD and used the WordPress CMS for her website.

business portal

Academic Dermatology Consultants formerly Dr. Bernheart Dermatology in 2010, wanted a new site that their office staff could update themselves that also had a store for their skin products. Brenda built the site using Newtek SiteCenter. Newtek SiteCenter is designed for small business that have a few (1 to 50) items to sell. It's an all-in-one ecommerce website solution with a no-fee merchant account, shopping cart and secure hosting.

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geri travis interiors

Geri Travis wanted a very simple site that showcased some of her best interior design projects. Brenda used a Flash slideshow to handle her portfolio and the WordPress CMS.

Murphy's Law website design by Brenda Kato

3418 Riverside Avenue

This is a landing page for a house that was being sold by owner. This page was posted to Craig's List and Social Networks. The house was sold two weeks after creating the page.

NYHC Tattoos

My awesome flash intro, web design and SEM was used from 2008 to 2010. Now they use the WordPress CMS. The new URL is NYHC Tattoos was founded by Jimmy Gestapo from Murphy's Law and Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front, two legends in New York Hardcore music. The tattoo shop is a landmark in the lower East side of New York City. Brenda's redesign was completed in 01/08. Brenda launched a music community site off this site called NYHC4LIFE in April of 2008 that increased the tattoo site traffic by 50%.


Brenda used the KickApps CMS to develop for the NYHC Tattoos website. (New York Hardcore For Life) Launched in 2008, the online community now has members from all over the world. This site is very niche, purely for fans of hardcore punk music. The sites goal is not to have the most members but to serve it's members by promoting the music, shows and lifestyle.

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Murphy's Law web design by Brenda Kato

Murphy's Law is a legendary New York Hardcore band. This HTML/CSS site was designed by Brenda in 2008 and features the band's photos, flyers, tour dates and links to their myspace page. They now use the WordPress CMS managed by the drummer.

My Beautiful Cakes web design by Brenda Kato

Carmen Brooks makes beautiful cakes and needed a site to show off her work. Brenda used the WordPress CMS for her site and trained her how to edit the website copy, photos and add new posts.

captian warren

This started as a simple HTML/CSS landing page and turned into a small site for Captain Warren who charters off shore fishing trips. His business has increased by 50% since launching the site. However, Brenda does not manage this site anymore and is not responsible for HTML errors in the code.

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amy of amelia

Brenda designed this splash page and custom logo for Amy, a realtor on Amelia Island. Completed in 2007 the design was used for two years. The site helped Amy grow her personal brand and she saw a 30% increase in home sales.

hrp weddings

Rich is an awesome photographer and designed this layout. Brenda converted his PSD layout to the web using Dreamweaver in 2001 which is why the site was designed with HTML tables, DHTML, and Javascript.

OTAK Grou[

Otak Group is a mid-size, minority run construction company in Florida. They needed a corporate site that showed off their impressive work. Brenda designed a hybrid HTML/CSS/FLASH for them. The Flash slide showed off thier work well. Completed in 2005, they used this design for four years until they upgraded to a CMS.

This SPCA group helped me catch and spay a stray cat in my neighborhood so I helped them by building this very simple HTML/CSS site. They used it for five years. With the new site, thier membership increased and donations rose by 45% .


Skyetec need a website that reached three very different customers. I created a hybrid HTML/Flash site for SkyeTec Environmental Services in 2005 that was used for two years. Buy asking the user to choose from the three main customer categories on the home page, we were able to identify the user and serve up relative content and increase conversion rates.

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K and N Homebuilders is a very small, high quality, custom home builder in Florida. They needed a photo gallery to showcase their projects. This was an HTML/CSS/FLASH site with a FLASH slideshow. They used my design for two years.

The Pet Care Center

The Pet Care Center is the largest in Nassau county. I designed some custom graphics to be used in their Mambo CMS template. I produced a DVD for them to use at their annual trade show. I shot the video, recorded the voiceover, edited the video and audio, and set up the DVD menus. They used this site and DVD for several years.

Squeezer Klip

Working with Pro Design Labs Inc., I designed the layout and graphics for this medical device site. Don't laugh, it could happen to you!


This company was eventually regulated out of business in the State of Florida for fraud. However, the marketing team and IT department were all very talented professionals that I still keep in touch with. I designed all the markeing collateral and the logo for them. This site is no longer live.


Andy is an amazing artist and this was his first website in 2000. I built this site with HTML/Javascript, tables and animated gifs. Since then, Andy has learned HTML and now maintains his own site. He used this design for four years.


MJS Investments is a property management comapny in New York City. They needed a website that they could eaisly update. I customized a WordPress template for them and taught them how to update the site themselves. This is the least expensive way to make a professional looking website. WordPress offers free hosting for a basic blog or you can install it in your own paid hosted space for total control over the CMS.


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