Social Media Management

Social networking has become one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site and interact with your customers. Let us help you manage your social network accounts. We reccomend using Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Google Place, Yelp, Pinterest and more depending on what industry you are in.

We will help you create a social networking marketing plan for each busness goal and generate your content and slales incentives to push out through your networks. We create a calendar with alerts to help remind you to send us your updates.

Facebook is king of social networking and having a great Facebook page for your company is important for your brand awareness and marketing goals. If you are running Facebook Ads, sending the ad traffic to your Facebook page can save you money on your cost per click fees. It's also good to have a fan gate for your "Like" campaigns so that you can offer a discount or reward for people who "Like" your page. We can set this up for you to help grow your contacts or newsletter signups.


Get daily, weekly, and monthly reports on web traffic, sources, keywords, and conversions.


Kato Marketing will help you every step of the web development process:

"The best thing about web marketing is you can track your results and respond quickly to trends."

No more guessing as to your ROI (return on investments). We use the latest analytic tools to measure campaign response.