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H.C.A.T. stands for
Healthy Choice Alternatives for Tweens.

We Developed a team of cartoon cats that represent the different food groups, different races, and different personality types of teens.

The nutrition and fittness program is based on the new food pyrimid. The Food Guide Pyramid is one way for people to understand how to eat healthy. A rainbow of colored, vertical stripes represents the five food groups plus fats and oils. Here's what the colors stand for:

  • orange — grains

  • green — vegetable

  • red — fruits

  • yellow — fats and oils

  • blue — milk and dairy products

  • purple — meat, beans, fish, and nuts

Haley wears green for vegetables, she is asian and a tomboy.

Corey wears red for fruits, he is latino and a jock.

Tina wears blue for dairy, she is black and a cheerleader.

Ace wears orange for grains, he is white and a bookworm.

CC wears purple for meat and beans, he's a mix and likes video games.

the team

The HCAT Team


White Geek HCAT

Ace is quiet and keeps to himself but not when he is having fun in his matial arts class. He is your typical bookworm who loves to read and geek out wtih video games. Ace knows he needs to eat healthy to grow strong and smart.


Asian tomboy

Asian tomboy

Haley loves to skateboard, rollerblade and ride BMX bikes. She is your typical tomboy who likes to get dirty and climb trees. She knows the eating healthy helps her have the energy she needs for her extreem sports.


Latino Jock

Corey is a total jock and is on the soccer, football, and basketball team. Corey knows that eating healthy will help his endurance and strength he needs to win.


cheerleader black

Tina is very outgoing, popular and bursting with energy. She likes to eat healthy so she can run, do yoga, and be the best cheerleader.


Lazy cat

CC has been very lazy, playing video games for hours, sleeping and eating junk food and he has gained some weight. He wants to learn how to eat healty and increase his activity level to improve his fittness and give him more energy.