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Video of our opening during First Wednesday Art Walk, Halloween Art Show 2010

Video of our opening during First Wednesday Art Walk, August 2012

Bee Gallery Artist

Brenda Kato - Coney Island Series, Day Of The Dead Skulls, Aztek reliefs
Jennifer Woodall - Cubist landscapes and musical objects, magnets, and jewlery
Sherry McGuire - Cyber Punk Warriors and Rockabilly Pinups
Miguel "the sand man" Garcia - Landscapes and patterns made with sand, paint and wood
Melissa Finelli - Abstract paintings and unique gifts
Mary Allegretti "Mary Off Market" - Glass art, cabinet handles, wind charms
Caroline S. Daley - Mixed media collage paintings with found objects
Rene Kegley - Day of the Dead hand painted boxes and coffins
Marty Moore - Pop sureal cartoon characters
Bren Bataclan - Gulf Oil Spill Animal Victims
Pat Lally - Birds, Divers, Robots and Hipsters
Jessica Lally - Hand painted ceramic ash trays and button bracelets
Jason Wright - Whimsical portriats of movie characters
Lee Harvey - Political prints
Bob Rossi - Landscapes and figures

Bee Gallery Past Shows

2012 Feburary - Carly Souix - NYC photographer, "Vanishing East Village"

2012 January - Thomas Ver

2011 December - Tiffany Manning - photographer - NYC City Lights

2011 November - Neal Rue - erotic photographer

2011 October - Horror Artist Jerrod Brown - famous for his paintings of the top horror movies.

2011 September-

2011 August -

2011 June & July - Group show featuring resident artist

2011 May - Featuring artist Marty Moore - Famous for his super detailed paintings of pop surealist images and toys. May 21st is the first annual Rocka Roller Derby from 6pm to 2am featuring several Rockabilly bands, hot rods, bikes, car wash by the roller derby girls to raise funds for thier away team.

2011 April - Heather Gabel - Famous for her killer graphics and collage designs for Alcaline Trio and other punk bands like Rancid.

2011 March - Old Skool Art Show - Featuring artist Jason Wright, Jimmy Pines, Pat Lally, and Lee Harvey.

2011 Feburary - Group show - Featuring Melissa Finelli, Brenda Kato, Jennifer Woodall,

2011 January - Featuring artist Marc Cody - famous for creating working guitars using a skateboard deck.

2010 December - Group show

2010 November - Oil Spill Animal Victims - Featuring artist Bren Bataclan - famous for his Smile, Hope projects.

Bee Gallery Featured Artist Bren Bataclan.

Bataclan will debut his "Oil Spill Animal Victums" paintings at the Bee Gallery in the Jacksonville Landing, Jacksonville Florida. Artist reception is November 11th , 5-9pm.


See his video on CBS Evening News.

Internationally acclaimed Boston artist, Bren Bataclan will debut his latest painting series "Oil Spill Animal Victims" during November at the Bee Gallery. For six years, Bataclan has been spreading hope and smiles internationally one city at a time by leaving his free paintings in unexpected places with an encouraging note.

Bataclan paints cartoon inspired acrylic paintings and murals; “I leave paintings for folks to take for... free across the country and around the world. I believe that giving away paintings with a hopeful note is one of the best ways I can help out during this economic downturn.” He has received a ton of press for his positive mission including CBS Evening News, Smithsonian Magazine, The International Filipino, and Readers Digest. Bataclan is scheduled to speak at Rollins College the morning of November 11th about being a Filipino artist.

In 2008, Brenda Kato, co-owner of the Bee Gallery caught Bren Bataclan in the act of leaving a painting near the escalators in the Port Authority in New York City. Never having learned to not talk to strangers, Brenda ran up to see what Bataclan was doing. Bataclan explained his “Smile Project” and gave her the painting. Brenda also happened to have some of her art with her. They exchanged art and contact information and have been friends since then. “When I saw Bataclan’s new series of “Oil Spill Animal Victums” paintings I wanted Bee Gallery to be the first to show them.”

A portion of each sale will be donated to an organization helping the animals victimized by the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The Bee Gallery will also be offering Bataclan T-shirts and other merchandise for sale.

Media Interview and Photo Opportunity: November 11th from 5PM to 9PM. Additional times may be available upon request.

Bren Bataclan's website

CBS Nightly News Video clip

11/3 Movember Art Walk: Pin the mustache on Salvador Dali!

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Art Show History for Brenda Kato

2011 :: May - NYHC4LIFE ART SHOW, Live Fast, New York, NY

2010 :: May NYHC4LIFE ART SHOW, TenEleven Bar, New York, NY

2008 :: October Solo Show “I Love Big Brother”, TenEleven Bar, New York, NY

2007 :: April Solo Show “I Love Big Brother” High Chai Russian Tea Room, New York, NY

2006 :: October Show with Marty Moore “The Circus”, Starlite Café, Jacksonville, FL

2006 :: July LABOR #2 Local Artistic Barflys Of Riverside, BOGDA Gallery, Jacksonville, FL

2006 :: April Fund Raiser Group Show 12 artist, The Florida Theatre, Jacksonville, Florida

2005 :: October Show with Neal Rue “The Circus”, Karpulus Manuscript Museum, Jacksonville, FL

2005 :: Monthly Group Show, Art Walk, Jacksonville, Florida

2004 :: Group Show, The Art Bar, Jacksonville, Florida

2004 :: October Show with Robert McMullen, Starlite Café, Jacksonville, FL

2004 :: Monthly Group Show, Art Walk, Jacksonville, Florida

2003 :: Solo Show “The Circus”, The Cell, Jacksonville, Florida

2003 :: Show with Marty Moore, Studio 820, Jacksonville, FL

2002 :: Monthly Group Show, Brooklyn Arts Center, Jacksonville, Florida

2002 :: Group Show, 9th and Main, Jacksonville, Florida

2002 :: Group Show, Fuel Coffee House, Jacksonville, Florida

2002 :: Group Show with Jason Wright, The Art Bar, Jacksonville, Florida

1996 :: Solo Show “Green People”, The Copper Rocket Pub, Winter Park, Florida

1995 :: Solo Show “Green People”, The Copper Rocket Pub, Winter Park, Florida

1992 :: Solo Show “Green People and Retrospective”, Women’s Studies Building at University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida

1992 – 1993 :: Monthly Group Show in gallery, Beaches Fine Arts Guild, Jacksonville, Florida

1991 :: Female Group Show with Lydia Lunch, The Milk Bar, Jacksonville, Florida

1991 – 1992 :: Monthly Group Shows at various locations, A City of Expression, Jacksonville, Florida

1991 – 1992 :: Monthly Group Show in gallery, Jacksonville Coalition For Visual Arts Inc, Ponte Vedra, FL

1991 :: Senior Group Show, Ringling School of Art and Design, Jacksonville, Florida


Bee Gallery and Design Studio was a modern conpemporary gallery in the Jacksonville Landing downtown Jacksonville, Florida founded by Brenda Kato, Melissa Finelli and Helen Cowart. After Melissa moved to Tampa and Helen opend up her own gallery, The gallery was managed by artist Brenda Kato, Jennifer Woodall, and Sherry McGuire. We participated in First Wednesday Art Walk, the First Wednesday of every month from 5-9pm. We featured many guest artist. The gallery space was open for two years with an "Off The Grid" artist lease provided by Downtown Vision and closed when the Landing found renters for the space.

Bee Gallery's online gallery and community of artist and art lovers from around the world has merged with LACT Local Artist Coming Together!!!

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